How to Use the MxD Power Kit: A Quick Guide

To maximize benefits from the MxD Power Kit, follow these steps:
1. MXD Power Pill: Consume once a week with water. Stick to the label’s instructions and don't overdo it.
2. Preparation: Clean your penis and testicles using warm water, ensuring better oil absorption.
3. Oil Application: Twice daily, use 8-10 drops. Split between two sessions.Rub it in for 5-10 minutes or until soaked in.
4. Intimacy: Wait a minimum of two hours post-application before engaging in sexual activity.
5.Storage: Keep the oil in a cool and dry spot, avoiding direct sunlight.
6.Safety First: If negative reactions like skin issues appear, stop usage.
7. Child Safety: Store away from kids and pets.
8. Note: These products aren’t medical treatment replacements.

For optimal results, the weekly MxD power pill is crucial. Sticking to the recommended dosage is a must. If any health issue arises, visit a doctor.Concerned about health risks? Seek medical advice before starting.For any product-related queries, reach out to us. We wish you a satisfactory and safe experience!

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